Toolkit in English

As a student counselor, you may come into contact with young informal caregivers on a daily basis, perhaps even without knowing it. You can help these students to successfully complete their education.

Many young caregivers do not express their concerns. They only ring the bell if there is a situation of overload, a (threatening) negative study advice, the expiry of the diploma period of DUO or deterioration of one’s own health.

The reason for this late request for help is that these students do not realize that they are caregivers, that they do not know that support is available and that they do not know where to go. As a result, help comes often too late.

The educational institutions play an important role in improving the support of this group of students, as part of personalized and inclusive education. Our toolkit helps you with this.

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Stories of young caregivers

Jolinda and Jamielee tell about their experience as young caregivers in combination with school.